5 Most Important Weight Training Exercises

1.  Squats – Do some form of squats.  If you can, do regular traditional squats with the bar.  These are the most effective.  If you have trouble with these, then do squats with dumbbells or on the smith machine, or with kettlebells.  Just do some form of squats.  They are very effective for development of not only your legs, but also your core and your upper body as well.  Have a trainer look at your form and make sure it is effective and safe. 

2.  Bench Press - Do some form of bench press.  The regular bench is very effective, but so is bench press with dumbbells.  Bench press will help develop the chest, and the shoulders and arms. 

3. Pullups - If you can’t do a pullup, then do pulldowns on the lat machine.  Pullups are very effective and can help develop your back and biceps. 

4. Standing Shoulder Press – Done with dumbbells or a straight bar.  challenge yourself with these and use your body to get some help when you push.  This exercise will strengthen and develop the shoulders and the core, particularly the lower back. 

5. Dumbbell Row – Standing 1 arm dumbbell rows are very effective for the development of your back, biceps, core, and even some of the leg muscles if you challenge yourself enough. 

All of the above exercises are very crucial to developing your body.  Lift heavy (safely) on these lifts and you will incorporate several muscles and really develop your body.  Arms and abs exercises are good, but prioritize your exercises and make sure you are doing some of the above before you are devoting all your time to other exercises.

Jason Cerniglia, Personal Trainer, Sports Nutritionist, Golf Conditioning Coach, Owner-Hoover Fitness, Author-“Look Great. Feel Great. And Still Eat Pizza!”

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4 Responses to “5 Most Important Weight Training Exercises”

  1. Those are five great lifts. Squats are most beneficial for overall stress on the most muscle groups. If having trouble doing squats I find that split squats and bulgarian splitsquats are a great substitute. It is less loading on the spine and they are a great unilateral exercise to help balance out any weaknesses one might have from the right side of their body to the left.

  2. These 5 exercise are great and have been proven to help in gaining strength and decreasing body fat. Squats are the most beneficial as far as a total muscular exercise that incorporates the most muscle groups. For those having trouble doing squats, dumbell split squats and bulgarian split squats are a great way to increaseload without loading the spine. And they are a great way to work on anyweaknesses or imbalances from the right to left side of your body.

    BT Hartloge-Certified Strength and COnditioningSpecialist

  3. Melissa Says:

    Thanks for the great post! I really miss working out with you and our daily chats about diet and exercise. Married life is fattening…

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